Accidents do happen, so if the property does become damaged, you should report it in writing to your agent and landlord as soon as possible - don't wait until the end of your agreement to flag it.

Remember, money can’t be deducted from your deposit for general wear and tear; this includes minor signs of use such as worn carpets, minor scrapes and scuffs on the walls and faded curtains. If your landlord tries to charge you for this, you should contact your tenancy deposit protection scheme who will put you in touch with their dispute resolution service.

Your landlord is required to hold your deposit in a registered tenancy scheme and give you written confirmation of which scheme they are using within 30 days of receiving your deposit. This means that you and your money will be protected throughout your rental period. If you are unsure which scheme to contact, however, check your tenancy agreement paperwork as the deposit service your landlord is using should be detailed in there.